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•   Fill out, sign/date and send in the registration form. To receive a registration form, please email us at  Registration forms are not available on the website.  

•   Pay the $65 (non-refundable) per family/per year registration fee. We accept check, cash & PayPal.  Send paypal payment using this link. paypal.m​e/fcaofmaine  Be sure that nothing is checked off (Sales and Goods should not be checked).  Do not put your address but you may put your students names if you like.

•   FCA will be responsible for sending letters to your local SAD/DOE informing them that your child is enrolled with FCA. 

•   If you decide to join FCA, please DO NOT send in a Letters of Intent or Subsequent Letters of Intent to the state. FCA will take care of all paperwork and correspondence the State of Maine requires.

•   For those wishing to transfer to FCA once the school year has begun, we will not accept transfer/registrations after February 1st.

Once Enrolled:

•   We require two progress reports during the school year for each student enrolled. One in January & one in June. FCA has progress report forms available on our "Links" page for your convenience.

•   FCA does not require a portfolio review or assessment review by a licensed teacher at the end of the school year. The two progress reports are the only two documents we require.

•   Please note that if we do not receive the required two progress reports, your family will be unable to register with FCA the next school year.

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