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“FCA is a blessing to our family on many levels!! We are so glad that they make homeschooling that much easier for us because it already can be complex. Everything is so simple if you send in the paper, Jen does the rest!! Thank you FCA.”

Amburg Family – Sidney, ME

“Freedom Christian Academy gives us peace of mind that we won't be scrambling every year to find someone that can review a portfolio. To have FCA also documenting paperwork gives me peace of mind too if documentation ever came into question. FAC is an affordable option for families with multiple children! You really make the documenting part of homeschooling seamless!”

 Harris Family – Sanford, ME

“What a wonderful opportunity you give my family to be a part of the homeschooling family. I have 3 older children who have graduated and gone through the public school system. I never saw myself being a homeschooling mom and absolutely love it.”

DuRoss Family – Brunswick, ME

“We have been members of Freedom Christian Academy of Maine since we started homeschooling our daughter back in 4th grade and now she will be a Senior in High School, it was the best decision we ever made...homeschooling and getting the assistance of Freedom Christian Academy. Jen and Tim have been a blessing to work with. We love how they take care of all the paperwork for us in notifying the school district and the state. This gives us the opportunity to focus on our daughter's education and we educate all year round. Thank you for all you do to make this so much easier on all of us.”Morrison Family - Bridgton, ME

“The Holbrook family is grateful for FCA making homeschooling happen our way for our kiddos! It reduces our stress by allowing us to structure curriculum and evaluations to our children's learning style.”South Paris, ME

“Freedom Christian Academy is one of the greatest blessings my wife and I were ever introduced to. Freedom is the key word here. The way God intended for parents to be able to educate their children. Thank you FCA! We really appreciate what the kind folks at this academy are doing for the children. God bless you and your family!”

Bell Family – Jefferson, ME

“Freedom Christian Academy has been a big blessing for our family. I have homeschooled our five children who are all adopted and have a variety of special needs for the last 14 years. FCA has freed up so much time for me compared to when I had to assemble five portfolios every year. It has also reduced my stress and allowed me to focus on what is most important for my children to learn. Jennifer has always been available to answer questions and I also appreciate the low cost of being part of FCA.” 

 Smith Family - Durham, ME

“Our family has been incredibly blessed being a part of the Freedom Christian Academy family. The guidance concerning curriculum requirements, notification of homeschooling events and fun programs in the area, assistance with all paperwork filing with the state, and understanding new laws affecting homeschooling have all increased our capacity to succeed in this journey. We are immensely grateful!” 

Estes Family – New Gloucester, ME

“This is our 22nd year homeschooling and probably our 8th? year with FCA. It has been SUCH a blessing to us. We did portfolios for years and it has been so nice not to have to think about that. I am also looking forward to not having to worry about a high school transcript with my two younger kids. I so appreciate all the hard work and dedication that goes into FCA. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”

Duquette Family - Lisbon Falls, ME

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