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The High School Years and Graduation

Does homeschooling through the high school years seem daunting and overwhelming?  No worries!  We are here to walk you through the process.  Below you will see our graduation requirements:

  4 English

  2 Math

  2 Science (including 1 lab – hands on experiments/dissections)

  1 Social Studies (study of cultures, governments, geography and humanities)

  1 US History

  1 Physical Education (all sports, dance, karate, open gym, etc – minimum weekly participation)

  1 Fine Arts (painting, drawing, sketching, poetry, music, sculpting, drama, photography)

  .5 Health

  .5 Financial Management (Budgeting, Investing) 

   Electives, your choice

Once your student enters the ninth grade, we ask that your progress reports become a bit more detailed.  We ask that you list subjects, grades, and extra curricular activities on each progress report.  This additional information will allow us to compile a transcript once your student has completed all required credits to graduate.  An FCA Diploma will only be issued until after an FCA transcript has been completed.

* Students are not limited to minimum credits.

* Students will be allowed to graduate early as long as the requirements are met.

Transcript fee $50 - Diploma fee $25

* Transcripts & Diplomas will not be issued if there is a balance due or the required progress reports have not been received.

* 1 college semester course = 1 full high school credit

* 1 credit equals 120 to 180 hours ranging from subject.

* Sciences (labs) & maths = 180 hours

* English, history, social studies = 150 hours

* Electives, extra-curricular = 120 hours

* 60 hours = ½ (.5) credit 30 hours = ¼ (.25) credit

Our grading scale: A=Mastery of content, B=Comprehension, C=Basic understanding, F=Failure to complete or understand material, P=Pass in a Pass/Fail course

A+ (97-100) A (93-96) A- (90-92) B+ (87-89) B (83-86) B- (80-82)

C+ (77-79) C (73-76) C- (70-72) D+ (68-69) D (65-67) N – no credit (0-64)

*If a student has not completed the required credits by the age of 19, it is suggested that an alternative course be taken to obtain their diploma. Option: GED (General Equivalency Diploma) tests are a group of four subject tests which, when passed, provide certification that the test taker has US level academic skills.

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