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Fact or Fiction?

  • You have to be a licensed teacher to educate your kids at home? Fiction!  As long as you have the desire to educate your children at home, YOU CAN DO IT!  Don't think of it as "teaching" your children, think of it as "guiding" your children.  If there is a subject you don't know well, learn right along with them.  Find a local co-op that offers classes you may be lacking in.  Find a friend/family member or older student who might be able to help tutor your child.  There are endless resources to guide you.
  • I can use any curriculum that works best for my family. Fact!  If you have researched homeschooling at all, you have seen the thousands of curriculum choices.  From free to very expensive, single classes, K-12 packages, online, printable, workbooks, lapbooks!  The choices are endless.  But don't let it overwhelm you!  That's what we are here for!
  • I am a single parent and I work a full time job.  I don't have time to homeschool. Fiction!  I know it may seem overwhelming and impossible but with a bit of planning and "out of the box" thinking, homeschooling your children is possible.  Early morning, evening and weekend class time.  Having a friend or relative help out.  Find another homeschooling family who would be willing to teach a class or two while they are teaching their own children.  We will do our best to help you find resources and make an educational plan that meets your unique homeschooling needs.
  • Homeschooling through high school? No way! Fiction!  Homeschooling through high school is not so different than schooling through lower grades.  We will provide you with a list of "Graduation Requirements". As you plan out each high school year, simply make sure you are covering all needed subjects.  At the end of each semester, list each subject completed, appointed grade and any extra-curricular activities.  The progress report forms we provide make this step easy!  We have a form specifically dedicated to our high schoolers.  Simply fill in the information and send it in!
  • FCA does not require an "end of year assessment" by a licensed teacher. Fact!  We only require two progress reports a year and even provide the forms.
  • I do not need to send in a "Letter of Intent". Fact!  FCA will take care of all state required paperwork.
  • My house is not very big and I don't have space to homeschool. Fiction!  You do not need a designated room or large space to homeschool your children.  Your walls do not need to be full of educational posters, chalkboards, dry erase boards or checklists (unless you want to!).  The kitchen table works great!!  A designated box with all needed books and supplies works just fine.
  • Our budget is tight and we can't afford curriculum and supplies. Fiction! There are several free online homeschooling programs, printable curriculum and resources.  And most of the needed supplies can be purchased at the dollar store!
  • I can still homeschool even if I don't have a computer or printer at home? Fact!  Just head over to your local library, search for curriculum/resources to print off (for a small fee) or order curriculum books & workbooks to use at home.  Your library may even offer "study hours" where your child can use their computers for school work for a scheduled time.
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